An 11-year-old boy whose body was discovered in a canal on Thursday evening has been named as Subhaan Ali.


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South Yorkshire police have said that the child was found in the water behind Parkgate shopping centre.

Police also said they believe the boy was with friends who were ‘tombstoning’ from a nearby bridge in Rotherham.

Tombstoning is a dangerous activity in which participants jump into water from a bridge.

Specialist emergency services teams, including crews from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, recovered the boy’s body at around 11pm after a 13-hour search.

Watch manager Gary Willoughby, from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said: “This 11-year-old boy was actually taking part in a pastime that boys of his age call tombstoning.

“Unfortunately it’s aptly named. It’s jumping from unknown heights into unknown depths of water.

“They tend to jump straight into the water. They don’t assess the water temperature, they don’t see if there are any dangers hidden under the water – shopping trolleys, cars, anything like that, any reeds they might get tangled in.

“They don’t even assess how deep the water is before they jump.”

Mr Willoughby said: “It’s a very dangerous pastime. Unfortunately this boy lost his life. I have heard of other people that end up in wheelchairs for the rest of their life.”

The young boys sister paid tribute to her brother saying: ‘R.I.P gone but never forgotten just remember I will always love you and miss you.’

Police are now investigating the circumstances which led to the death of the young boy.