Accused killers disappear as police warned to produce them to court or face kidnapping complaint

The father and former husband of a British woman allegedly murdered for marrying against her families wishes to a man outside her family, did not show up in court with the police claiming they have gone on the run while their lawyer claims they are in police custody.

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The lawyer for Mohammed Shakeel, Samia Shahid’s former husband who is one of the accused, has claimed the police held Shakeel at the police station after he submitted himself to the police station on 28 July and has not been seen by the family since.

He told the court in Jhelum, in Pakistan’s Punjab province, that they were being illegally detained by police.

The lawyer, Mian Mohammad Arif said: “Last night we had submitted an application with the local court and the judge presiding over Samia’s case had sent a bailiff to the police station to bring the accused to the courts.’

He then claims the police said they do not know where he is even though they kept him in custody after he handed himself in.

Mr Arif said: “The police did not let him go even though he had pre-arrest bail orders from the court. The police detained him and now they are saying [they] have no idea about where he is.

Malik Ageel, an officer at the Mangla police station where the men were said to have handed themselves in claimed they were questioned but were released.

He said: “They are on the run but we will find them.”

Regional Police Officer Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja said at the time: “the accused are arrested and after interrogations we hope to find out the truth.”

“The post-mortem report that saliva was oozing out of her mouth and she had wound mark on her neck indicates she was suffocated to death.

“Since the wound mark is fresh and dated at the time of death there is little doubt she has been killed.”

The hearing was scheduled for yesterday but after Shakeel did not show up, his bail was extended to August 13.

The judge residing over the case has warned Malik Ageel, the officer at the Mangla police station, that a formal complaint to kidnapping could be filed against him if the men are not produced in court.

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