Amir Khan hints at US move and talks about the missing millions which led to break up of his team

Amir Khan has spoken about the betrayal of trust by his team after he realised millions of pounds went missing with the trail leading back to those closest to him.

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He also posted a picture of his new house in San Francisco with many speculating he could quit the UK permanently after the recent spat with his team and family.

Khan said he doesn’t know exactly how many millions went missing but was left shocked when realising he was being ripped off by those he trusted.

A massive one million pounds was paid out of his bank account for which nobody gave him an explanation for.

To make his financial matters worse the budget for constructing one of his projects — a wedding and banqueting centre in Bolton — suddenly doubled from £3million to £6million.

Khan said: ‘I was shocked. I suddenly realised I was being ripped off. Certain property consultants and accountants were among those who had to go.’

‘For the first time I have taken charge of my own life. I am the boss now. And I have to deal as an adult with something pretty crushing.’

But it wasn’t the financial damage which Khan was left most hurt by but the disloyalty of his team, Khan said:  ‘I could see that some people were cashing out. They thought I was washed up and there would be no more big-money fights. That was so cynical. I’d thought they were people who believed in me.’

He added: “I’m just too nice. My heart is too good. I’ve been the best son, the best brother, the best family member anyone could have been.

“I’ve done more for my family than anyone would do. I bought my mum and dad a nice house.

“But I’ve done my bit as a son and now I want to be myself.

“Maybe they were dedicated to me because of the big fights and the big money.

“My brother, Haroon, is a boxer but he’s not making anywhere near the money I make and I don’t see many around him.

“The poor guy goes to the gym alone. I still speak to my brother if he replies to my calls and I get random emails off some family members saying, ‘You need to do this’.

“The wind blew some tiles off my house in Bolton the other day and I got an email from my sister saying, ‘If you want it fixing, here’s a number for a guy to do it’.

“She could have phoned or texted me. She could have been a bit nicer.

“I told my best friend, Saj, I wanted him to stay on to manage everything even after my career was over and he said ‘No’ because he thought I was done.

“That was a big slap in the face because I was always there for him.

“But when it was my turn to need help, the people who should have been there for me weren’t.”

The trouble in the Khan family was made worse after Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom, claimed she had been attacked by his sister’s which led to both sides accusing each other over the media.

It was at that point Khan claims he decided to become his own boss and decided to sack those in his team, including relatives.

He said: ‘When I started going through things at the office they simply walked out. Just left me to deal with things I knew nothing about.’

‘I had trusted my team with everything. I soon saw it was a complete mess. I also realised they, too, had decided I was done as a fighter. That hurt badly. They had earned a lot. I’m a generous person. People I loved also thought there would be no more money.’

Since then Khan has spent most of his time in San Francisco with his wife and child away from his family and team back home in Bolton.

He said: ‘At least there is one intelligent member of the family,’

‘My wife is a university graduate with the brains to help put my affairs in order. And I have my own family to take care of now.’

‘I took care of my parents. I bought them a very nice house. After all they are still my Mum and Dad.’

Talking about his younger brother, Haroon Khan, and reasons for not attending his wedding, Khan said: ‘I feel sorrow for him now, but everyone did well from my hard work.’

Khan now claims he has a point to prove to all those in his team who cashed out believing he was ‘history’ after his loss to Canelo Alvarez.

He said:  ‘I should have been my own boss when I was 21, but I was all about the boxing. For too long I had no idea what was going on. Those who thought I was history have given me a tremendous incentive to become world champion again.

‘I badly want to prove them wrong. Horrible though it was, they brought me to my senses.’

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