Amir Khan slams relatives for ‘cashing out’ but says he is now on good terms with parents

Amir Khan has said he is now talking to his parents again and is painstakingly trying to heal the rift which saw his family almost torn apart in front of the media spotlight over the past few months.

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He also said he ‘couldn’t believe’ the disloyalty he witnessed from those closest to him who ‘cashed out’ at a time when he needed the most support.

Earlier this week news emerged that Khan decided to fire his Uncle Taz and best friend Saj Mohammed from his management team, but in a recent interview Khan said it was not so much that he fired them but rather they decided to cash out themselves, leaving the boxer stunned.

Khans domestic life has been in the media spotlight ever since a family feud erupted involving his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, and his parents.

Since then a video was also leaked to a porn site which showed the boxer performing a sex act on himself with rumours circulating of more leaked videos being offered up for sale.

During a recent interview, he said: ‘I have had to grow up and take control of my own life.’

‘I am talking with my father and mother again,’  and ‘I expect to be boxing again in April or May. I have invited them to come to the fight and they will be there.

‘Dad won’t be negotiating my contracts any more but I love them and they have been so good for me. But I’ve matured now and come to realise it is best to keep the two elements of my life apart.’

‘My situation with my parents is stabilised now. But I couldn’t believe some others let me down while I was at the lowest point of my life. This was the time when they should have been there to support me.

‘I’m a loyal person and I thought I would get loyalty in return. The ending of those relationships was not so much that I fired them as they had already decided to cash out. To be honest I couldn’t believe it.’

Khan also talked about his boxing career and his wife and seemed to have a renewed sense of direction and purpose after the turmoil of a strained relationship with many of those closest to him.

He said: ‘I’m only 30 but I’ve been around so long that people probably think my best days are behind me. Not me. I feel I’m coming into my prime years, that this will be my time to really shine.

‘I certainly didn’t want to go out on that Canelo defeat. And I totally believe I am going to win another world title.’

Talking about his wife, Faryal, he said: ‘She wants us to be together as much as possible even though training time can be a little boring.

‘She misses England. But there are less pressures out here and she can make the short escape to her family in New York from time to time.’

Khan has not boxed since May last year but is expected to be back in the ring again in April or May against a yet unnamed opponent but has ruled out a long-awaited showdown with fellow Brit Kell Brook.

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