Amir Khan has spent part of his Eid day in court, narrowly escaping a driving ban after being caught on a speed camera driving at 76mph in a 50mph zone.


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The 29 year old boxer told the court he was being ‘harassed’ by a fan who was following him from a function that he had attended.

Khan said in a statement: ‘I’m sorry for my lapse of judgement in respect of my speed. I’m very embarrassed to be in this position as I very much recognise the danger of driving at such speeds.’

‘There is no excuse for driving 26 miles per hour over the limit. I was being some what harassed by a so called fan who can only be described as tailgating me.’

He accepted that he had been driving his luxury Land Rover, with the personalised plate BOX111G, over the speed limit and pleaded guilty to the charges.

Khan, who already had three points on his licence for a prior speeding incident, was given a further six points on his licence and fined £800 with £165 costs. He has been given one week to pay.

Khan was given a six month ban in 2007 for careless driving after accidentally running over a pedestrian who was using the pelican crossing.

In 2008 he was banned for 42 days and fined £1,000 after being caught driving over 140mph on the m42 motorway.

In 2009, khan was accused of involvement in a crash with a cyclist but all charges were dropped against him after police said he was not to blame for the incident.

At today’s hearing prosecutor Mike Ardern said: ‘Because of the speed the police brought the matter straight to the courts. He’s admitted he was the driver from the outset.’

Khan’s defence lawyer Mr Phillip Trotter said: ‘He fully accepts his speeding and accepts it was inappropriate.’

‘He’s looking forward to returning to his family to celebrate what is one of the most important days in the calendar. Any financial penalty can be fulfilled today.’

Khan was told in court: ‘You have been very honest and pleaded guilty right from the start. You will be fined based on your earnings and you are now carrying nine points. Twelve points would be disqualification.’

‘You have got to tread on egg shells now.’