Amir Khan targeted by twitter trolls who continue to take jabs at the boxer over leaked video

Online trolls are continuing to target Amir Khan over a leaked video which allegedly shows the boxer performing a sex act on himself as widely circulated media reports have suggested three more videos have been offered for sale.


Khan posted a video on twitter of himself running on a treadmill alongside the caption ‘Hate this exercise but it pays off’.

Twitter trolls flocked in their hundreds to leave their views and take jabs at Khan over the leaked video.

One twitter user commented: ”ts a better video than the one of you knocking one out I’ll give you that.’

Others included: ‘Will you now be changing your nickname to Amir “Wan King” Khan?’

‘Anyone who ain’t seen his video check it out , it’s the any thing he’s knocked out for years.’

‘What Made U Pull Ur Danda Out On Video Chat Bro. That Was Silly Of You.’

Others went as far as to comment on the tweet with GIFs of the video allegedly showing him performing the sex act on himself.

Although the majority of comments left on Khans latest twitter videos have been mostly jabs at the boxers expense, there was a few who showed their support for Khan.

One person commented: ‘Don’t listen to the hate amir, we all make mistakes. Make 2017 the year you become champion again and prove the haters wrong.’

While another wrote: ‘Lol everyone replying about his leaked video? Does he really look like he gives a flying f*** what you think? Get a hobby!.’

The leaked video scandal doesn’t seem like it will die down anytime soon as widely circulated media reports have suggested three more videos of the Olympic boxer have been touted round the internet for sale to websites.

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