Amir Khan’s father left ‘humiliated in his community’ after public sacking by his son

Amir Khan’s father is said to have been left ‘humiliated’ by his son’s decision to sack him from his management team after a bitter feud between him and his son’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom.

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Sajjad Khan is convinced that Faryal, who is now said to be in charge of her husband’s management team, was behind the decision to sack the family.

Last week it was reported that Faryal issued her husband with a ‘them or me’ ultimatum and the family believe Khan has made his decision to choose Faryal after he sacked his father, uncle and best friend from his team.

Sajjad Khan, who has always managed his son’s boxing career is now said to be left ‘humiliated in his community’ after Khan decided to go public with the news that he fired his father, although it is believed the decision was made weeks prior but kept hidden from the public.

The family believes Faryal forced Khan to make a public statement, showing the world that he stands by her and not his family.

A family friend told MailOnline: ‘He feels humiliated in his community, in my own homes, and globally,’

‘Credit for that goes to Faryal who got Amir to do it.’

The family friend also went on to say that Sajjad Khan will always welcome the boxer and his daughter Lamisah to their house but a reconciliation with Faryal was impossible.

The family friend said: ‘He will never be able to speak to her again.’

Sajjad Khan, Uncle Taz and Saj Mohammed also believe they were stabbed in the back by the former champion boxer after being fired.

Khan and his wife have been living in the US for several months as he trains for his next fight and caused more anger within his family when he ditched his brother’s wedding reception in Bradford last month.

It later emerged that Khan was not answering calls from his family in the UK and only started speaking to his parents in the few days running up to Haroon’s wedding reception.

The family friend also said as a way of proving his loyalty to his wife, Khan has given Faryal access to all his phone numbers and social media accounts to prove that he is not cheating.

He added: ‘Faryal wastes no opportunity to taunt the family and rubs their noses here and there,’ said the friend.

‘She has made it a point to be vindictive against the parents of Amir Khan and that has been widely disliked within the family.

‘Faryal doesn’t listen to Amir and Amir’s father was right to go public about it.’

Khan has not boxed since May last year but is expected to be back in the ring again in April or May against a yet unnamed opponent but has ruled out a long-awaited showdown with fellow Brit Kell Brook.

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