A video showing a woman wearing a headscarf performing an outrageous public sex act on a man during the middle of the day near Birmingham’s Bullring shopping center has been uploaded on social media sites and YouTube.


Several shocked residents recorded the pair on their mobile phones as they watched the pair perform the sex act for 15 minutes before getting up and walking off like nothing has happened.

The footage was recorded just 5 mins away from Birmingham’s Bustling Bullring shopping centre in a public field near Aston University.

The pair seems not to be bothered by other people strolling past who can see them.

One person who recorded the footage, who did not want to be named, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I went outside for a cigarette onto the balcony and when I looked down I saw these two going at it.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. The man in the blue jumper was lying on his side and the woman was in her headscarf giving him a blow job.

“They were in full view of people, it was only a patch of grass close to the city centre and anyone could have seen them.”

“But they didn’t seem to care, they didn’t see me filming, I think they were a bit preoccupied to be honest,” said the onlooker.

“They stayed there doing that for about 15 minutes without a care in the world, then just casually both got up and walked away like nothing happened.”

Another person who witnessed the pair said: “I can’t believe people would do something like this knowing that there will be people watching them from nearby flats, they must have been really horny.”

We have decided against posting the video on the website as it is too graphic.