‘At Home With The Khans’: Amir Khan reveals there could be a reality TV show in the pipeline

Talk of a reality TV show featuring Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom and the rest of the family has been reported by several media outlets but until now both Amir Khan and Faryal have denied any truth to the rumours.

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Amir Khan sat down yesterday to answer questions from reporters and revealed there could be some truth to the rumours of a KARDASHIANS-style TV programme called ‘At Home With The Khans’ where cameras will follow the family , but he also said his team is still in talks and nothing has been agreed on yet.

During the interview Khan said: ‘There is talk of me doing a show, like a reality TV show.’

‘We got bloom TV who are very interested in doing a show with us and following me but we are still in talks’

‘But at the moment, nothing.’

The reporter then pressed the question and asked ‘so it may happen, a reality show?’

Khan replied by saying: ‘I’ve left it to my team.. they making sure that it has to make sense financially as well.’

He was then asked: ‘If this reality show does happen, will it include your whole family or just you and your wife?.’

Khan replied: ‘It will include everybody, you know, it’s at home with the Khans’

‘A lot of people would love to see how a Desi family typically lives.’

‘Nowadays people see the Kardashian show, a lot of people see other TV shows, but no one has ever seen a Desi show’

‘I think if it does happen, honestly my life is so all over the place so its quite exciting.’

‘I talk about it and people are like wow you should bring a TV show out.’

The tension within the Khan family exploded this week when Faryal lashed out at her in-laws in a series of angry Snapchat posts claiming she was physically and mentally abused by them.

Amir Khan’s parents both denied the accusations during an interview with Geo news yesterday.


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