Bradford MP, Naz Shah, has accused Pakistani officials of being involved in a potential cover-up after details from the autopsy report came out on Thursday.


Samia Shahid, 28, died last week and was swiftly buried on the same day with Pakistani police saying “no visible injuries or signs of violence” were visible on Shahid’s body.

Her family had said she died of a heart attack or asthma attack and denied any wrong doing.

But a postmortem report which was released on Thursday now indicates that her body did have bruising consistent with a struggle and a “reddish brown linear horizontal bruise measuring about 19cm extending from just below [the] right ear and around the neck”.

An independent newspaper which also saw the photos said that there also appear be to two purple welts around her neck.

This leads many to question the Police chiefs initial claim that “no visible injuries or signs of violence” were seen during the autopsy and has led MP Naz Shah to accuse the Pakistani police of “a potential cover-up”

She said on Thursday: “I originally intervened in this case to demand that there was a proper investigation into my constituent’s death, saying it had all the hallmarks of a so-called ‘honour’ killing. Having seen the autopsy report, I think we are now also looking at a case involving a potential cover-up.”

“I have asked for the police officer and the physician who did the first postmortem to be investigated,” the MP said.

“Just a few days ago they were telling us the autopsy was inconclusive and that there were no visible signs on her body and now the autopsy report shows that there were marks on her neck.”

Samia Shahid’s husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam, is still demanding her body he exhumed and a second autopsy be performed.

He said: “They are trying to cover up this murder.”

“My life has been threatened, but there is no question of being quiet. It is a question of justice and my agenda is she was killed and I need justice for her.”

Samia’s family insist that he has no right to ask for a second autopsy as Samia was still married to her first husband, Mohammed Shakeel.

Syed Mukhtar Kazam claims she was in fact divorced to Shakeel in a UK sharia court in 2014 and then married him at Leeds town hall in September 2014, after she converted to Shia Islam.

Shakeel was arrested on Wednesday and has been granted pre-arrest bail by the Rawalpindi high court.

Two other people in the UK, believed to be family members of Samia, were arrested and bailed following threats to kill MP Naz Shah for her involvement in the case.