A 19-year-old who claims to be a billionaire says he will just learn to drive in his Rolls-Royce or his other cars rumoured to be worth over £1million pounds after having his £100,000 gold-plated Maserati seized by police.

hamza shaikh3

Officers had spotted Hamza Sheikh driving the Maserati GranCabrio with L-plates in Kingston, London, and became suspicious.

They forced him to hand over the keys and seized the vehicle after checks found that he was not insured to drive.

Mr Sheikh claimed that due to his ‘busy lifestyle’ he missed a letter from the insurance company which was the reason he was not insured.

He is now facing a possible six points on his licence and a £300 fine but remains unfazed claiming he will just ‘drive in a Rolls-Royce with insurance’ or any of his other luxury cars worth over £1million.

He said: ‘I have a Rolls-Royce and a Range Rover. I am just waiting for my new gold Lamborghini to be delivered in the meantime,’ he said.

‘Since I was young I have been learning to drive in supercars — I’ve also learnt in a Porsche Panamera, so a Maserati is a piece of cake.’

The picture of the car being seized went viral after police posted it online with the hashtag “NoInsuranceNoCar.”

Mr Sheikh claimed he knew the police were on to him, saying: “I was informed by my staff that the police were watching my car for more than an hour. I have security with me wherever I go and I’m very happy that I’ve got my car back, but I was not without a car — I drove my Rolls-Royce with my security.

“I am the golden child of my family, that’s why my car is gold. I was just coming from completing my theory test when I was stopped.

hamza shaikh2

Mr Sheikh who runs a property business and studies business management at Regent’s University also said: “I am a billionaire and when learning to drive in my Maserati I get a lot of jealousy, but if I have the money why not?  Everything I have is because of my mother’s prayers and Allah.

“Jealousy is a mental cancer, please get treated.”