A Birmingham millionaire has claimed he received a £250,000 gift from an American rapper and close friend, Mr Capone-E.


Zahid Khan, 30, became a friend of the rapper after boxer Amir Khan introduced them at a boxing event.

Mr Capone-E, whose real name is Fahd Azam and is of Pakistani Background, gave the stunning £250,000 Ferrari to Zahid as a thank you for helping him with a music video.

They have been working together on producing and releasing a music video, which Zahid claims he himself has invested in.

He said: “I was shocked. He knows I love my motors. He just wanted to thank me.

“He is a fantastic guy and a close friend. We will be working closely together in the future. He stays at my house with his entourage when he comes over to England and is due to come back over here very soon.”

He also claimed he has been flying out to Los Angeles to work on the project.

Zahid Khan himself has been a target of a number of attacks from Birmingham Gangsters, with the latest attack coming at his business, Bulls and Horses Auto Centre in Stratford Road, Sparkhill, which was burned down on February 12.

The damage caused has been valued at over £100,000 and although a £40,000 reward was on offer, no one has come forward with any information.

He was also kidnapped by known Birmingham Gangsters and held at gunpoint while the kidnappers demanded a £10,000 cash ransom from his relatives for his release.

They released him to allow him to pick up the money but unknown to them Zahid Khan had phoned police who then intercepted the kidnappers.

Four men were jailed for the failed attempt and received a total of 41 years between them.