Bradford man who was shot dead ran at gunmen with baseball bat before being shot court hears

Mohammed Hussain Khan, the brother of a man who was shot dead outside his house earlier this year has told a jury at the trial of four men charged with the murder that shots were fired on the street ‘like mad’ before his brother was shot dead.

Victim: Imran Khan

Mohammed Hussain Khan said on the day of the shooting he was with his brother Imran in the family car near their home.

His brother went inside the house and said he would be back in two minutes when a Ford Focus pulled up outside with four men inside it.

Mr Khan said he saw one of the defendants, Amjad, in the driver’s seat holding a small black pistol.

He said at this point he saw his brother Imran come running out the house with a baseball bat running towards the Focus and two shots were fired towards Imran but missed.

He said Amjad then got back in the car and passed the gun to Ismail, who was sat behind him while Imran smashed the back window of the Focus with his bat.

Hussain said: “Amjad shouted to Ismail: ‘Get him, get him, you better get him.’ Ismail put his right hand out of the car and just fired like mad over the roof. I heard four or five shots, it was one after another.”

Imran was killed with single gunshot to the forehead which possibly ricocheted off a surface.

Mr Khan said: “He was just taken off his feet. One minute I’ve seen him, the next I couldn’t see him. Obviously he was laid on the floor.”

The four men charged with the murder, Amjad Khan, 31, Ismail Khan, 31, Ziaurahman Khan, 30 and Mohammed Faisal Riaz, all pleaded not guilty to murder of Imran Khan on Round Street, West Bowling, on the evening of June 6.


Prosecutor Peter Moulson QC said that one of the men had previously made gun gestures with his hand towards the victim threatening to shoot him.

He also said that one of the possible motives for the murder could have been a dispute over sentences severed by Imran and Amjad for a kidnap charge in which Imran was released in 2011 and Amjad was not released until 2014.

Mr Moulson alleges that Amjad was the driver and Ismail, Ziaurahman and Riaz were the passengers and that one or more of the occupants shot at Imran a number of times after they pulled up outside his house.

He also said that the prosecution did not have to prove which of the men pulled the trigger but if they could prove that they were all apart of the act and shared intent, they were guilty of murder.

The trial continues.

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