Police are to investigate the death of a British woman who died in Pakistan as a possible honour killing after her husband claims her family members killed her for marrying a man outside the family.


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Samia Shahid died on Wednesday after visiting her relatives in Pandori village near Mangla Dam.

Her local MP, Naz Shah, is now demanding that Pakistani authorities exhume her body so an independent autopsy can be performed.

The police officer leading the investigation in Pakistan has said that a postmortem was already carried out and there were no signs of injuries or violence on her body.

Her husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam, has now said he fears that she was killed by her family because they did not accept their marriage because he was an ‘outsider’. The couple wed in 2014 after she had left her first husband.

Samia Shahid’s father, who is in Pakistan, has said that the allegations made against him and his family are “lies and allegations” and “An investigation is under way and if I am found guilty I am ready for every kind of punishment.”

He went on to say: “My daughter was living a very peaceful and happy life. She had come to Pakistan on her own and was not under any pressure from her family.”

Other relatives who live in the UK have also supported the father of the victim by saying: “The family did a postmortem. There’s no evidence whatsoever of murder.”

But MP Naz Shah has written a letter to the prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, in which she wrote: “Should this be [an honour killing] case then we must ensure justice is done for Samia and we must ensure this never happens again.”

Mr Kazam also claimed that his wife’s family encouraged her to travel to Pakistan earlier this month because one of her aunts had died, but she decided not to travel to the country.

He then claims her family encouraged her once again to visit another relative who was gravely ill and this time she flew out to Islamabad on 14 July.

He then claims he received a phone call the day his wife was due to travel back to the UK informing him that she had died due to a heart attack.

He says he did not believe that his ‘healthy’ wife with no health issues could die suddenly from a heart attack so he flew out to Pakistan to force the Pakistani police to investigate.

Mr Kazam said: “I am sure my wife is killed by the family,”

“She was healthy. And she had no disease, I believe she was killed because her parents were not happy with our marriage.”