A brave six-year-old girl has been praised by her father and the police after she attempted to stop an axe-wielding thug attacking an employee during a raid on her family’s shop.


Sarah Patel was captured on the shop CCTV footage trying to defend the staff member, Jordan Byrt, 19, when a group of six men armed with axes and other weapons broke into the family’s electrical shop in Auckland, New Zealand, on Monday.

The footage shows fearless Sarah run towards one of the attackers, who is standing over the employee armed with an axe, and grab his leg in an attempt to stop him.

The brave youngster is pushed away by the axe-wielding thug who continues to threaten the employee before kicking him.

She then runs to her grandfather and helps him out of the room and away from danger.

During an interview the brave girl said she was “trying to save” the employee and admitted she wasn’t scared of the “bad guy”.

Her father Suhail Patel said: “Last night she was very upset. Was in shock. We’ve been trying to say to her ‘You’re the bravest girl’.

“She said she was trying to save Jordan.

“Luckily she didn’t get hurt and she came out healthy.”

Her mum Nashrin, added: “The whole incident is not only disturbing mentally it’s also too much disturbance in life. She couldn’t sleep last night, she has got a bit of nausea and anxiety.”

The armed raiders fled from the shop but were chased down by police and arrested.

Five of the offenders appeared in court charged with aggravated robbery, injuring with intent and breaching bail while a sixth man is still on the run.