It is estimated by the Muslim Charities Forum and a blog from the Charity Commission last week that British Muslims gave approximately £100 million to charitable causes during the month of Ramadan this year.

This huge amount equates to approximately £38 every second for the month of Ramadan.

Some individual donations were as much as £30,000 but none of the main stream media outlets reported the news.

One charity alone estimates that it helped over 1 million people across the world with the help of donations from British Muslims.

Another charity had almost 300 volunteers deliver 22,000 fudge cakes at £10 each raising on a single day with all the proceeds to be provided for humanitarian relief in Syria.

Other Charitable projects included

  • Helping those affected by the floods in Carlisle
  • Helping people in Palestine and Pakistan to start honey-bee farms
  • Distributing hygiene kits and food in Haiti
  • Building ‘micro-dams’ in Mali to harness water from flash floods to be used during the dry season
  • 300 volunteers delivering 22,000 chocolate cakes to be eaten at the end of the day when the Ramadan fast is broken. Cakes cost £10 each and all proceeds went to provide humanitarian relief in Syria
  • Running soup kitchens for homeless people in Britain

One volunteer from a charity organisation said: ‘our focus was on sustainability and helping people with skills and knowledge so they will be able to support themselves in the future’.

This news may have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for a Twitter user called Anna, who is an Oxford law graduate and trainee solicitor.

She posted this tweet which went viral getting over 8000 re-tweets.

british muslim charity 2

She said: “I just want people to see some balance rather than only hearing about extremists,”