A caring son who could not persuade him mother to accept his kidney, tricked her into accepting it by telling her he is selling his kidney on EBAY anyway.


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His mother, Zainab Begum, 52, suffered from kidney damage which left her with only 25% function of her kidneys.

Imran Najeeb, 34, offered his mother his own kidney but she refused saying she did not want him to put his own life at risk.

He then tricked his mother into thinking he was selling his kidney anyway and would be happier if she accepted it before it was sold.

He took advantage of his mothers lack of English and showed her an image of a kidney which he got from google, and claimed it was his.

He told her: “Look mum – I’m selling my kidney on eBay and someone’s going to pay me £10,000 for it.”

The tactic worked and his mother accepted the kidney, believing if she did not he would go and sell it anyway.

Mr Najeeb said: ‘She said if anything happened to me, she would never forgive herself. We were both trying to be selfless but I desperately wanted to donate to her.’

“I even asked the doctors if I could donate anonymously without my mum knowing but they told me they couldn’t legally do this.”

Mr Najib is one of six siblings and even though they were all willing to be tested if they were suitable matches, Mr Najeeb insisted it was his duty as a son to give his mother his kidney.

He said: ‘As the eldest son and brother, I felt it was my responsibility and I didn’t let any of my brothers and sisters take the tests.’

The transplant was performed in Manchester after 12 months of testing to confirm Mr Najeeb as a suitable match.

The pair have now undergone their respective operations and are recovering well.

Mr Najeeb who himself is married and has children said ‘

‘I asked my wife if she was OK with me doing this and she was.’

‘We had the discussion about what if I passed away and I told her to forgive me if that happened.’

‘She made a big sacrifice as she was willing to lose her husband and the father of her children if things went wrong.’

‘Both my mum and I made a great recovery. We now have one kidney each and are really well and enjoying life.’