Citizen Khan’s Adil Ray gets egged while filming scene for the hit TV sitcom in Birmingham

Adil Ray, the creator of BBC sitcom Citizen Khan, was recently egged while filming an episode of the hit TV sitcom.


In the video (below), Ray, who plays the lead character of self-appointed ‘community leader’ Mr Khan, can be seen trying to shoot a scene which including walking down Ladypool Road, Birmingham.

A group of lads quickly gathered and pelted him with eggs.

No one was hurt and the filming team quickly made an escape before things escalated.

During a recent interview Adil revealed that he had recieved death threats from those who think he makes fun of Islam and stereotypes Asians.

When the show started Adil wrote in the Radio Times that any negative comments would be outweighed by pride that a Muslim Pakistani family was at the forefront of a BBC sitcom.

But more than 700 complaints were made accusing him of mocking Islam and stereotyping Asians.

Despite this the show continues to find success among many Asian’s around the UK.

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