A curry house owner who murdered his rival 18 years ago has finally been brought to justice almost two decades after the murder.


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Foyjur Rahman, 44, murdered 25 year old Abdul Samad after he refused to to act as an ‘intermediary’ between two Bengali gangs.

Mr Samad was lured by a bogus delivery call to Alwyne Road on May 21, 1997, where he was confronted by two men wearing black masks and holding meat cleavers.

Mr Samad, who ran ‘Curry in a Hurry’, tried to escape but was chased down and violently stabbed over 18 times.

He was taken to hospital but died the following morning.

The injuries were so bad that a doctor at the time described them as ‘horrific – the like I have never seen before in my career’,

Two black masks, a bloody meat cleaver and carrier bags used to transport the murder weapons were found discarded near the scene.

The items would eventually become the main pieces of evidence after improvements in DNA techniques finally brought the killers to justice.

Prosecutor Mark Ellison said the defendant was only linked to the crime by fingerprints on the bag and DNA from saliva found on one of the masks.

The very next day after the killing, Mr Rahman moved to New York were he lived until January this year when he was finally extradited back to the UK to face murder charges.

Mr Samad’s family burst into tears as the guilty verdict was read out in court.

Judge Peter Rook told Rahman in court before handing down a life sentence: ‘The murder has and continues to haunt his family.

‘It has had a profound affect upon all of them: daughters deprived of their father from an early age, a deeply traumatised wife, parents who incurred pain and anguish as a result of your actions.’

Mr Samad’s daughters, who are now 19 and 22, spoke about their ‘sadness’ that their father was taken away from them so early and was not able to share in their achievements.