A woman from Derby, who was having an affair with her husband’s best friend is accused of plotting and carrying out his murder as he slept, with the help of her lover.


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Ramandeep Kaur Mann and her lover, Gurpreet Singh, are accused of plotting and carrying out the murder of Sukhjit Singh, 34, by putting sleeping pills in his dinner and then slitting his throat while he slept.

Sukhjit Singh’s body was found last Thursday while he was on holiday at his mother’s house in India.

Mr Singh had travelled to India, along with his two children and wife, last month to see his family and meet up with his childhood friend Gurpreet Singh.

It has now been reported his wife, who works at Argos in Derby, has confessed her role in the murder and told police that she put sleeping pills in his meal and waited for him to fall asleep before letting her lover into the house.

Sukhjit was then murdered while he slept next to his sons, aged six and nine.

Police officer Rajesh Kumar Singh said: ‘Gurpreet reached her house at 10pm and they both went upstairs where Gurpreet hit Sukhjit Singh on the head with a hammer. Ramandeep, meanwhile, smothered him using a pillow.

‘They suspected he was still alive so Gurpreet then slit his throat using a butcher’s knife which he had brought with him.’

Ms Mann reportedly told police that her husband refused to give her a divorce. The couple had been married since 2005.