A five year old Shar Pei that was repeatedly stabbed by Shaan Malik during a burglary has had the last laugh helping put the criminal behind bars.


Malik stabbed the dog several times and completely tore off its ear and then fractured its skull after continuous blows.

But during the attack she bit on Malik’s finger causing him to bleed and after DNA samples where taken, Malik was arrested and charged for the burglary.

Malik, admitted the charge of burglary and a further charge of handing military memorabilia that he had stolen from another burglary.

People from all around the world sent the dog gifts after news of the attack went viral on social media. A Facebook page was also set up and has gained over 4000 likes.

Although the dog has made a physical recovery, she will need to take anti-depressants and may lose her eyesight and suffer seizures as a result of the stabbing as she ages.

At a sentencing hearing the court was told that Malik came from a good family but cannabis use had sent him down the wrong path.

During the sentencing Maliks family members apologised to the dogs owner and they hugged each other as Malik was sent down for 3 years 9 months.

Judge Mansell told Malik: ‘You appear to me to demonstrate little or no remorse for this offence.’

‘You’re the only member of your family to take this path in life.’

‘I have to say, they have my every sympathy.’