A drug-dealer from Luton, Bedfordshire, has been found guilty of beating a 13-month-old toddler to death after binge-drinking vodka and smoking cannabis.


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Hardeep Hunjan, 27, killed Noah Serra-Morrison at a flat where the toddler lived with his mother, Ronnie Tayler-Morrison, 23.

Leading up to the murder the toddler suffered weeks of violence in which he suffered 15 fractured bones in his arms and legs. When he died doctors said he had injuries like those you would expect from people who were involved in a car crash or had fallen from a high building.

Hunjan had claimed the toddler fell from his tiny cot in his bedroom which led to the massive head injury which caused his skull for fracture and lead to his death.

But investigating detectives were told that such severe injuries were likely to have been caused by deliberately and violently swinging the toddler by holding his limbs and hitting his against the wall.

The court heard how the couple waited over an hour before bothering to call emergency services to try to save him.

A post-mortem on the toddler revealed 24 fractures in his body.

His mother told the jury that on the night her son died she had passed out drunk and had only come to when her boyfriend woke her up telling her that Baby Noah had fallen from his cot.

Following the death last November at a flat in Luton detectives seized mobile phones from the couple in which they found photographs of the toddler holding cannabis and another showing the toddler with a joint behind his ear.

Police also found a diary in which the toddlers mother wrote: ‘I don’t see life without him and as much as this sounds selfish, I know that I love Noah, but I love Hardeep more.’

The court also heard how two weeks before his death, Noah’s grandmother noticed a massive bruise on his face. Tayler-Morrison had claimed that a dog jumped on the boy and scratched him.

It was also mentioned in court the mother googled the search terms ‘My Baby is Hurt’ and ‘My baby is breathing but not moving’ rather then ring emergency services for help.

Hardeep Hunjan, 27, was found guilty of murdering 13-month-old toddler while Mother Ronnie Tayler-Morrison, 23, cleared of murder but found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child and cruelty to a person under 16

They will both be sentenced tomorrow afternoon.

Noah’s father Stefano Coiana said ‘When Noah was alive he made my life happy. It wasn’t his job to make me happy but he did. He did it by just being here.

‘He completed my life – he made life worth being here, worth waking up in the morning and worth trying again and again even when I failed.

‘Noah was the most important thing to me. More than my mum, more than anything. Before Noah was here, my life was normal. Not a care in the world other than what to do with myself and my time. But when Noah came it made my life special. I had someone that loved me and I loved him.’