A drug gang which flooded areas of Greater Manchester with cocaine, heroin and cannabis has been sentenced to a total of 68 years were jailed at Preston Crown Court after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply drugs.



The gang leaders Dhiren Lad and Mohammed Taymure Khan were involved in the massive distribution of class A drugs across the North West and also as far as Bradford, Birmingham and Cornwall.

The drug gangs courier, Waqar Ahmed, used his legitimate job as a taxi driver as a cover to move the drugs around the country and deliver the drugs to street level dealers ready for sale on the streets.

The gang was arrested in 2015 after Lancashire police gathered hundreds of pages of evidence, including hundreds of calls and texts, which was passed to the CPS who authorised charges of conspiracy to supply drugs.

The CPS will now seek to confiscate all money earned from the gangs criminal activities.

Ben Southam, Deputy Head of the CPS North West Complex Casework Unit, said: ‘The weight and detail of the evidence against them persuaded most of them to plead guilty.’

‘Through this prosecution and the sentences today we have removed a substantial source of heroin, cocaine, cannabis and amphetamines that were being supplied in local communities.’

Dhiren Lad was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

Mohammed Taymure Khan was sentenced to 13 years 8 months.

Naheem Aslam was sentenced to 13 years 8 months

Ricky Parmar  was sentenced to 13 years 8 months.

Waqar Ahmed was the only one of the group to plead not guilty but was found guilty of two counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and two counts of conspiracy to supply class B drugs and was sentenced to 9 years.

Mark Samuels was sentenced to 6 years.