A drug dealing gang who controlled the supply of drugs onto the streets of Walsall has been jailed for over 20 years.

drugs gang
Left to right: Izrar Hussain, Mohammed Miah, Aquib Hussain and Omar Faroq.

The gang initially denied all charges but later admitted conspiracy to supply drugs after West Midlands Police put together overwhelming evidences linking the gang to supplying the class A drugs.

Officers had recovered heroin and cocaine worth £300,000 from properties across Walsall and linked Aqib Hussain, Mohammed Miah, Izrar Hussain and Omar Faroq to the Class A drugs empire.

Aqib Hussain and Mohammed Miah were arrested leaving a property in Ampleforth Drive, Willenhall, that police had previously found heroin and cocaine worth over £62,000.

Hussain had in his possession heroin ready to be supplied to customers in cling film wraps worth £1400. A search of the property also recovered drugs worth more then £30,000 along with £5000 cash.

The investigation team claimed that Hussain and Miah were making daily visits to the ‘safe house’ to reload on drugs.

A search on Omar Faroq’s house recovered over £200,000 worth of heroin that was hidden in the rear garage.

A detailed phone analysis revealed that all four played a part together in the operation which saw them control parts of Walsall.

All four pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and were last week jailed for over 20 years at Wolverhampton Crown Court

Omar Faroq was jailed for nine and a half years, Aqib Hussain was jailed for three years and seven months, Mohammed Miah was handed down a five years and two months sentence and Izrar Hussain was jailed for two years.

Detective Constable Tom Frenchum, said: “There is no place for cocaine and heroin on their streets and these sentences should act as a stern warning; if you deal in drugs you will be caught and face time behind bars.”