England fans have been accused to giving a young 7 year old Muslim boy alcohol in return for some coins ahead of Thursday’s Euro 2016 match against Wales.


Financial times Paris correspondent, Michael Stothard, said he witnessed the incident and tweeted a picture of the child (above) who cannot be named, including the caption: ‘England fans in Lille just got begging 7 year old to down a whole beer in exchange for some coins.’

Mr Stothard’s accusation of the England fans attracted huge attention on twitter and he replied to one user who asked if he had personally seen the incident with the following tweets.


Stothard said he saw two England fans ‘cheering on’ and urging the young boy to drink the bottle of beer that was handed to him outside a bar.

He also said that after the young boy had finished the beer  ‘one of the fans then gave him a handful of coins, perhaps a few euros in change’

‘It was quite clear that they had put him up to drinking it in the first place.’

‘The same fan then gave the boy – who was stumbling around a bit- a newly lit cigarette. the boy took it and immediately threw it on the floor and stamped on it.’

This incident of England fans acting shamelessly comes after another video released showed then taunting and throwing coins at children who were begging.

England fans are being criticised for their disgusting behaviour in the Euro 2016 tournament.