An evil man who had only been in the UK for a few months after marring a British-Pakistani woman, raped a 12-year-old girl and claimed he did it because the devil got to him.


Pakistani National Kamran Ahmed, 27, tried to use the young girls cultural background and Islamic faith to pressure her to keep quite, telling her that no one would believe her.

He was jailed for ten years and told by the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Roger Thomas, QC that he would be deported after serving his sentence.

Prosecutor Tom Storey told Bradford Crown Court that Ahmed had previously told his victim she was pretty, touched her indecently and tried to kiss her before telling her no-one would believe her.

He later raped the young girl and told her “I have to do this”.

The court heard that the girl was so affected from the ordeal that her school work deteriorated before eventually telling a teacher that she had been “assaulted in a dirty way”.

Mr Storey said: “Ahmed confessed the crime to his wife, saying the devil had got to him.”

Ahmed pleaded guilty on the day of his trial.

Mitigating, Mohammed Ramzan said:“He is extremely ashamed of his conduct and what he has done.

“He will be deported back to Pakistan after serving his sentence and he will take the shame with him.”

The child, whose family were of the Islamic faith, had felt ashamed and too embarrassed to tell anyone at first and Judge Thomas said she had kept it to herself, while suffering inner turmoil.

Judge Thomas said: “She was unable to take advantage of counselling because it was too painful and difficult to speak about what had happened, even in such a private setting.”

Sentencing Ahmed, Judge Thomas said: “It is impossible to think that the effects of your crime on her will somehow dissipate in any substantial way.

“One fears that her future years will be very badly affected by what you did to her.”