The family of Samia Shahid, who was murdered in an alleged honor killing last month, have asked police to register a criminal case on her second husband for polyandry in an attempt to exploit Pakistan’s law were the family member of the murdered can forgive the killer or accept blood money.

naz shah

Her first husband, Shakeel Ahmed, allegedly confessed to her murder and is in jail on judicial remand but has not yet been formally charged with any offence.

One of Mr Shakeel’s uncles, Haq Nawaz, has now asked police to book in the second husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam, for polyandry, which is a crime under Pakistani law.

A barrister for the family said: “Shakeel Ahmed married Samia Shahid according to the law on February 27, 2012, and he has never divorced her,”

Mr Nawaz also claims that Kazim and Samia had broken the law in the UK by using forged documents and impersonating his nephew, saying: “Samia Shahid and Mukhtar Kazim prepared fake documents and impersonated Shakeel Ahmed before the UK authorities.”

He went to ask how it was possible for his nephew to appear before UK authorities when ‘he has never travelled to the UK, as his passport shows.’

Police in Pakistan have now requested information from the UK government about the details of the marriage and documents used.

Mr Haq has asked police to urgently look into the matter and if found to be true, charge Mr Kazam with impersonation, fraud, and a further charge of adultery.

Under UK law there are a few circumstances in which the current husband need not to be present in court for a judge to grant a divorce, these include forced marriage and marriages where the spouse cannot be located or are otherwise unable to appear in court.