The auntie of the young boy said to have killed himself after being bullied in school has spoken of the family’s devastation and claims of bullying.


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Rehana Bibi, Asad’s aunty, said she was struggling to take the tragedy in.

“It’s devastating. No words can say how shocking this news is,” she said.

“He was a happy, jolly boy. He was such a lovely boy and was very shy.”

“He was was just a very good innocent child, he was so sweet and I just cannot believe he has gone like this.”

Miss Bibi said that family members had told her that the 11-year-old was being bullied in school by other boys who do not attend the same school.

“These aren’t boys who go to the school, but they know boys who do.

“He didn’t even really say openly I am getting bullied, but one of the boys said he had seen seen him in school once, and that Asad was standing in the corner with tears in his eyes.

“The boy said he had wiped Asad’s tears and asked what was wrong, and Asad had replied: ‘Them boys’.

“This bullying needs to stop, it is taking young boys’ lives.

“I strongly believe this is bullying from school.

“Asad didn’t even know the word bully, all he knew was he was getting bullied and he was not happy.

“Something has happened on the day where he is fed up, maybe he is just fed up of the two weeks going to that school, but I can’t see how a child can go and hang himself.

“How can someone do this to a child?,” she asked.

“He was not saying what was up to his parents. Nothing seemed wrong with the boy.”

“The parents are so, so good themselves that it’s hard for them to understand what bullying is at school.

“Because they are not like that themselves they would not ever think that.

“Because obviously the parents thought it’s a new school, new teachers, its only been a week and a half and he needs to adjust.

“But I’ve heard there were 16/17-year-old boys in the school and they are no good, and they used to be around him and bully him.

“The boy was scared. Because he was scared he did not even know what he was doing, he was too innocent to know: what I am doing is death.

“Maybe he just wanted a bit of attention, or he was fed up that day.

“I am so devastated by this.”

Rehana said Asad’s mum is Farheen Jan and his father is Asif Khan and he had three siblings, two sisters and a brother.

One sister is about four or five months old, the other four and the brother is seven.

Shabnam Rani, 34, Rehana’s best friend, added: “I’m really shocked and saddened by this and I’m so scared, I’ve got kids and I don’t want this to happen to any other child.

“Why would you do something like that?It’s really worrying me and I’m shocked.

“You can’t even imagine what his parents are going through. They are heartbroken.”

Police attended the boy’s house after unconfirmed reports that the boy had hung himself.

Head teacher of the school Asad had been attending, Simon Wade, said Asad had only been a pupil at the school for three weeks.

In a further statement Mr Wade added: “The school is aware of speculation about the circumstances surrounding Asad’s death. In Asad’s first three weeks at school he made a great impression on all who met him.

“He was doing well in lessons, scoring high marks for his attitude to learning and his positive approach to school life and the school was looking forward to a bright future for him.

A post-mortem was expected to be carried out earlier today and results will be released over the coming days.