Faryal Makhdoom, wife of boxer Amir Khan, has continued her feud with her in-laws in a recent interview and has claimed she was asked to sign a pre-nup before her wedding to Khan which was cancelled by boxer once she became pregnant.


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She also cast doubt on whether Amir’s father will continue on as his manager after the bitter feud.

Faryal also spoke about her in-law’s trying their hardest to get their son to divorce her and went into more detail about the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of the Khan family and also denied accusations of plastic surgery.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Faryal said: ‘Two weeks before my wedding, I was asked to sign a pre-nup. In our culture, to ask a bride to do that is very disrespectful. One of his team gave it to me when Amir was in the training camp.

‘I signed it because I wanted to prove I didn’t want the money. I wanted Amir. He is the love of my life. When I was pregnant, Amir cancelled the pre-nup.

‘It was his choice but it made me happy because it showed he loved me.’

Faryal also opened up on what her husband advised her during the bitter feud, she said: ‘For Amir this is really hard because it’s the love of his life and the mother of his child fighting with his mum, dad and siblings. Obviously he’s not happy.’

‘He said: “You should have controlled yourself.” But this was an anger that’s built up over the years. I’m not just blaming the mum and dad, I’m blaming the siblings.’

Faryal went on to deny accusations from her brother-in-law, Haroon Khan, that she had plastic surgery.

She said: ‘I was in Pakistan with Amir’s family when his brother tweeted: ‘Michael Jackson isn’t dead. He lives with us.’ He was trying to say I’d had plastic surgery.’

‘I’ve never had plastic surgery. I’ve got fillers in my cheeks and my lips. My husband has never stopped me. He’s always been supportive but he wouldn’t confront his brother. He said: “Let it go. We have to be the bigger ones.”’

Amir’s father, Shah, managed his son’s career from the moment he first stepped into a gym in Bolton and has stood by his side through the highs and the lows of his son’s career.

However, Faryal cast doubt on whether Shah would continue on as a manager for her husband.

She said: ‘This time I’ll be at the training camp supporting my husband so I don’t know how his father will feel about that. As to whether or not he will continue as Amir’s manager, we’ll have to see at the next fight.’

The feud between Faryal and her in-laws started when Faryal publicly accused them of emotional and physical bullying

She also accused them of forcing her to make breakfast every morning at 8am and the sister of Amir Khan of throwing objects at her.

Faryal then caused a media storm by uploading a picture of her brother-in-law, Haroon Khan, who is also a professional boxer, lying naked on a bed.

Amir Khan’s father replied to the allegations of physical abuse and violence towards Faryal, calling them unfounded and pointed out if their was any kind of physical abuse then there must be a hospital record to back up the claim.

Source – Daily Mail