Faryal Makhdoom, the wife of boxer Amir Khan, has spoken about the culture shock when she moved from the US to Bolton and has said some parts of the UK are still ‘backwards’.


Speaking to BBC Asian Network she also talked about the negativity she receives on social media and her modelling catwalk debut with Asiana.

She said: “I did a bit of modelling after I got married to Amir and when I had a baby it kind of just slowed down because my first priority is my child, even before my husband, even before myself.

“But I think now, she’s a bit older, I have help from my mum and a lot of help from my husband, I thought I should do something ‘wow’ for my fans. And I thought a catwalk would be really interesting.”

The 25-year-old who has built up her own mini empire as a fashion and beauty expert went on to talk about the negativity towards her and the culture shock moving to Bolton, saying: “I do get a lot of negativity. Being an American , it was a culture shock moving out here to the UK.

“There are some parts, to be completely blunt, are backwards.

“And I feel I get a lot of hate from some areas in the UK, whereas London not so much. Maybe Bolton a bit more.

“Maybe I can’t be the perfect role model people want me to be. I do get a lot of comments saying, ‘My daughter’s follow you and it’s not nice. You’re not a perfect example.’

“I never asked to be a role model. I’m just being myself.

“Deep down I know I’m a great human being. I do like my fashion. I do like dressing up. I’m not a perfect Muslim, but I do try to be. I’m sure no-one is, you know?”

“I do enjoy being famous. I enjoy being a really successful athlete’s wife. I do enjoy the love I get.

“Of course I don’t enjoy the negativity. But that’s just part of being a boxer’s wife. And that’s another reason I can’t leave England, because of the life I have here.

“Half of the places I go to, it’s for free because it’s Faryal Makhdoom!

“I don’t think I could move to Dubai because in England people know who Faryal Makhdoom is.

“If I go elsewhere, people will know who I am but maybe I won’t get the same love.

“I want to be loyal to where I got it from, where it started from.

“I get people saying I sound like a bimbo.

“First of all, I’m American, I’m not from the UK. That’s why I sound like Kim Kardashian and other names people relate me to.

“I’m a double major in PoliSci and journalism so I’m not as dumb as people say I am.”

Faryal Makhdoom Khan made her debut on the ramp earlier this week on Sunday at the Asiana Bridal Show in Birmingham.