A brawl (video below) at a takeaway unfolded after a drunk man tried to buy a portion of chips with seven Rizla papers.


Anthony Mclean allegedly walked into the Perfect Chicken in Middlesborough, owned by Sheraz Butt, and ordered a portion of chips.

When the owner asked him for £1.40 to pay for the portion of chips, Mclean handed over seven sheets of Rizla and told him they were worth ’20p each’.

Mr Butt refused to accept the Rizla sheets and it was claimed that Mr Mclean hurled a charity tin at him and a brawl broke out.

Mr Butt said: “(Mclean) said can I get a portion of chips, so I asked him for £1.40,”

“He started getting me the Rizlas and said they were worth 20p each.

“I said that is not money, it is a cigarettes Rizla.

“But he said no, it is money.”

It was then alleged that Mr Mclean attempted to assault the cook at the takeaway by kicking and punching him before throwing him to the floor.

“He just came at us very aggressively like he wanted to fight,” added Mr Butt.

A brawl outside the takeaway followed (video below) before police arrived and arrested Mclean.

He was later charged with two counts of assault.

But the case against Mr Mclean collapsed at Teesside Magistrates’ Court after solicitor Paul Dixon claimed there were “discrepancies” in what had been told to the police.

He claimed the takeaway boss alone had three different accounts of the melee, at one point asking Mr Butt: “Are you making it up as you go along?”

Magistrates found Mr Mclean not guilty of two charges of assault by beating.