A children’s T.V programme and its producers have been accused of showing an episode in which a character from the show Fireman Sam can be seen stepping on the Quran.

The video (below) which has gone viral has been shared by over 10,000 people and many are calling for an explanation from Channel 5 over the programme which was aired on 25/07/2016.

The video shows a character slipping on a piece of paper as they carry tea in through a doorway. This paper is flung into the air and view of the camera and it is clearly depicted to be a page from the Quran.


A short while later in the same programme a character can be seen holding a cardboard box which he ‘accidentally’ drops pages from the Quran onto the floor out of the bottom of the box.


HIT Entertainment, the producer of the programme, last night issued an unreserved apology, and said it was cancelling its contract with the Chinese animation studio responsible for making the scenes.

In a statement, HIT Entertainment, which also owns brands such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder, said: “It has been bought to our attention that in an episode of Fireman Sam an image of the Quran is briefly depicted.   The page was intended to show illegible text and we deeply regret this error.

“We will no longer be working with the animation studio responsible for this mistake.

“In addition, we are  taking immediate action to remove this episode from circulation and we are reviewing our content production procedures to ensure this never happens again.”