A couple who became the first couple ever to conquer Mount Everest are being investigated by police after it was claimed that they photoshopped the pictures.


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The couple, Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod, have been celebrated in India for the amazing accomplishment that they announced in a press conference on June 5.

The couple who are both police officers in India, had claimed that on May 23 they reached the peak of the worlds highest mountain and proved it by showing photographs they had taken at the top of Mount Everest. They even have climbing certificates from the Nepalese authorities.

They also claimed that they had help from a member of a Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, renowned for their skill in mountaineering.

But after experts were shown the pictures they cast serious doubts on the couples claim.

Climber Satyarup Siddhanta posted a message on his Facebook page claiming that the photos that the couple had shown were ‘stolen’ from him and then photoshopped.

He wrote: ‘This is so so so amazing!!!!!!!! They took my pics and Photoshopped their image of summit… And got certificates too… Where is mountaineering going????? Shame on you officers from Pune!’

He also posted the original photos to prove that the couple had in fact stolen his pictures and photoshopped them.

The picture of the man giving a thumbs up seems to have an Indian flag added to it, and different coloured leggings but the rest of the picture is almost identical to the original photo,

Another climber, who had seen the couple at base camp on May 10, claimed the couple had not started training or acclimatising at that point.

She said: ‘If a team has not started acclimatisation until May 10, it is close to impossible to reach the summit on May 23.’

However, the company behind the expedition,  Makalu Adventure, claims they have ‘no doubt’ about the couples claims and that certificates had been issued after they’d been carefully interviewed by the Nepalese authorities.