A family of five were seriously injured in a crash on the M1 while travelling to visit their relatives in High Wycombe from Luton.


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The accident occurred around 09:45 Friday morning after their Jeep Renegade crashed with a lorry near Watford Gap services on the M1.

All five members of the family, including three children, were airlifted to hospital with serious injuries.

The mother, Shazia Khousar, 37, is still fighting for her life at the University Hospital, Coventry, while her husband, Abid Nazir, 38, regained consciousness earlier today and is now said to be in a stable condition.

Shazia suffered multiple injuries including head injuries, internal bleeding, broken jaw and ribs and a fractured leg and was placed in an induced coma.

Their three children Qais, 11, Bilal, aged 9, and one-year-old Haleema, were also injured in the accident.

Qais was discharged from hospital on Friday while his younger brother Bilal suffered a head injury and was kept in Birmingham Children’s hospital along with his sister Haleema who received a fracture in her arm but are said to be doing well.

Abid’s brother Majid told Manchester Evening News: “It’s extremely hard for the family and we are just keeping them all in our prayers.

“We got the first flight home with Uzair after hearing the news. He’s doing OK and the kids are all being cared for under the family umbrella. But we are now just waiting for Abid and Shazia to get better.”

Prayers and well wishes for the family have been shared on social media.

The Golden Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre were the family are believed to have worshiped, posted: “Allah Hu Akbar. We request all of our followers to please remember this beautiful family in your duas, a family whom are students at Lantern Academy have been involved in a severe car accident.

“Please remember them in your duas. Lots of duas are in need please. May Allah SWT heal the family swiftly. Jazak’Allah.”