Video footage showing dozens of people ignoring a man lying on the ground after he was hit by a delivery truck in India has gone viral sparking a debate in India about the level of compassion in the country.


The footage (below) which was caught on a security camera on a New Delhi street showing a man being hit by a delivery truck at 5:40am on Wednesday as he was walking back from an overnight shift as a security guard.

The impact causes the man, named locally as ‘Matibool’ or ‘Makbool’, being flung into the air and landing in a nearby gutter.

The driver of the delivery truck shockingly gets out and instead of checking on the man, decides to check his vehicle did not sustain too much damage before driving off.

The only person who stopped, a rickshaw driver, ignored the man and stole his phone.

As the man lay on the ground he is passed by 140 cars, 82 rickshaws, 181 bikers, and 45 pedestrians and most shockingly an emergency response van used by Delhi police.

He lay there for 30 minutes before someone eventually notified police who took a further 40 minutes to reach the injured man.

He died soon after on the way to the hospital.

Police have arrested the driver of the delivery truck and are still searching for the rickshaw driver who that stole the mobile phone.