A man who subjected a woman to a violent sexual assault because he was angered at losing £400 in under twenty minutes claiming the machine was rigged has been handed down a life sentence.


Vijay Singh, 43, of Oxford Street, Leicester, was found guilty of attempted murder and serious sexual assault following an eight day trial in May.

The violent attack was carried out at the bookies in Kings Street, Leicester, on June 5th, last year.

He lured his victim out behind the counter, who was working alone, by claiming the machine was broken. When she came to check the machine, he forced her into the staff toilets and carried out a sickening twenty minute assault leaving her for dead.

She was battered unconscious and subjected to a violent sexual assault, her injuries so severe she will not be able to have children, the court heard.

Prosecutor Andy Easteal told Stafford crown court when the police arrived at the scene the victim was covered in so much blood that they could not tell if she was a man or woman.

He said: “Her lungs were damaged, her nose was broken and her cheekbone and neck were fractured.”

After the attack, Vijay Singh fled from the bookies with Balbir Singh, who had been waiting outside the bookies while the attack was taking place.

Balbir Singh then took Vijay Singh home and gave him clothes to wear while hiding the bloodied clothing inside his shed to discard.

At Stafford Crown Court yesterday, Vijay Singh was handed a life sentence. He has been told he will serve a minimum of 14 years before the parole board can decide whether it is safe to release him.

Balbir Singh (50), of Thurcaston Road, Leicester, was also convicted for assisting an offender and was handed down a two year sentence.