A gang of brazen thieves have been jailed for a total of 11 years for stealing £20,000 worth of Jammy Dodger biscuits in a sophisticated and planned heist.


After being sentenced some of the gang members from Liverpool shouted “Anyone want a biscuit?”

The gang struck at the Burton Food Factory and told security that they were making a legitimate collection before driving off with a lorry full of cookies and biscuits.

The gang went to such an extent planning the heist that they even got hold of a stolen tractor unit and a Network Rail crew bus with false number plates.

The court heard how one of the brazen thieves drove up to the factory and convinced guards to allow his vehicle to enter the premises in order to collect a legitimate delivery at 2:50am.

The confident crook told guards who did not recognise him from previous pick-ups that it was his first visit to the factory, he then went to the distribution office and told them he came to pick up a load to take to Liverpool.

The court heard that about 20 minutes he drove back towards the gatehouse with the pick-up and left.

Police later found the stolen trailer abandoned but not surprisingly its entire load of biscuits had disappeared.

Judge Jonathan Furness QC said the total value of goods and vehicles taken during the “sophisticated and planned” operation was more than £100,000.

Antony Egerton, 35, was jailed for 44 months; Paul Price, 38, for 40 months; former solider Kieron Price, 28, was given a sentence of 18 months and Stephen Burrow and Aaron Walsh each received 16 months.

The gang had admitted charges of theft of goods, theft of vehicles, theft by finding and allowing themselves to be carried in vehicles without consent.