Gang who used ‘ruthless brutality’ while targeting homes for jewellery jailed for over 65 years

A gang of robbers who stole hundreds of thousands of pounds in jewellery in a series of violent ‘home invasion’ robberies across West Yorkshire have been jailed for over 65 years at Bradford Crown Court.


The heartless robbers threatened to cut off a victims genitals and fingers in front of his family during one robbery.

The gang targeted couples and family homes and bought along weapons including knives, pool cues, baseball bats and screwdrivers to scare their victims and if their targets refused to meet their demands they would threaten to stab them.

Christopher Dunn, prosecuting, told the court in one of the robberies the masked gang targeted the home of Ebrahim Dockrat and made threats against his wife and family unless they handed over jewellery.

Mr Dunn said the men told Mr Dockrat they would  ‘cut his fingers and private parts’ unless he gave in to their demands.

During the robbery Dockrat’s daughter was hit over the head by Nasser with a piece of wood.

The men then targeted another family home later the same night.

They attacked the victim, Jahangir Ahmed, striking him across the head before taking off with cash and a charity box the victim’s 12-year-old son was using to collect money for those in need.

During another robbery a man was awoken by a male standing beside his bed with a screwdriver at his home in Bradford.

He was repeatedly punched and was told he would be stabbed unless he handed over money and his car keys.

In other robberies they made sexual comments to a victim who had been breastfeeding before the men broke into her house and during another robbery they used a weapon to remove the towel from a woman who just got out the shower.

The gang were also involved in a spate of other robberies including at one house where they stole property worth ‘upwards of £200,000’.

Timothy Tordoff, 26, Wayne Coleman, 25, and Yasser Nasser, 26, were all jailed on Friday after being found guilty of robbery following a trial.

Tordoff and Coleman were convicted of eight and two offences respectively, with Nasser also found guilty on two charges while Dean Coleman, 47, pleaded guilty to four offences of robbery before the trial.

Judge Jonathan Rose said the men use ‘ruthless brutality’ and had targeted people at night when they were ‘most vulnerable and susceptible to fear’.

He told the defendants: “In every case, you were prepared to use, and did use, violence.”

“When violence was used, you were indiscriminate.

“Each of you willingly chose to embark on such brutal offences.”

Yasser Mohammed Nasser, aged 26, was given a 16 years and 6 months sentence.

Wayne Coleman aged 25, received a 15 year sentence

Timothy Tordoff aged 26,was jailed for 20 years

Dean Coleman aged 47, was sentenced to 13 years 8 months

Police are now appealing for information to trace hundreds of thousands of pounds in stolen jewellery by the gang.

In a statement, West Yorkshire Police said: ‘We are now appealing for the public’s help to trace the stolen items, so we can return them to their rightful owners.’

‘Some of these pieces are of great sentimental value and we would urge anyone who may have been approached by someone selling these items, or who may have seen them being sold, to contact us.’

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