A house fire that killed three generations of a family including a nine-week old baby was caused by a faulty or counterfeit phone charger, detectives investigating the fire have now said.


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Nine year old, Adyan Parwaiz Kayani, his brother, seven year old, Amaan Parwaiz Kayani, nine-week-old Minahil and their grandmother, Shabina Begum, 53, all died in the fire while they slept in their family home in 2014.

Mrs Begum initially survived and escaped the fire but ran back in to save her trapped family but did not make it back.. Her daughter, Anum Parwaiz, 20, also died in the blaze.

Detectives investigating the cause of the fire in 2014 have said that the most likely cause is a faulty or counterfeit phone or tablets charger which was left on over night.

It is believed the charger was in the living room of the house and started the fire downstairs, trapping the family upstairs.

The tragedy highlights the growing trend of shops selling these fake and faulty chargers that quickly overheat and cause fires. Most fires caused by these faulty chargers happen overnight as people leave them in the sockets to charge the phones while they sleep.

The mother of the children, Razia Nazim, escaped the fire and the father had to be physically held back as he tried to re-enter the house to save the children.

Neighbour Quasim Saddique, 20, said: ‘I heard screaming and glass shattering, and when I got down to the house, the fire brigade was already there.

‘I saw them carrying the kids in their arms out from the house and giving them CPR.’ A funeral for the family on Thursday was attended by more than 2,000.

Ishfaq Hussain Kayani, a relative of the family said: ‘The grandmother came out of the house and made several attempts to go and rescue the three children along with her daughter. She gave her life trying to rescue her grandchildren.’

‘She was a wonderful lady – very generous, kind and an excellent wife and caring mother. She was just the perfect person.’ A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said the full inquest into the deaths of the two women  and three children could reveal more details.

He added: ‘Following a joint investigation, South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire  Fire and Rescue have found  that the most probable cause  of the fatal house fire in  Nether Edge, Sheffield, was an electrical fault involving a  faulty charging device.’


Several deaths have been linked to faulty chargers, leading experts to warn against buying cheap counterfeits.

An investigation in October by the Trading Standards Institute found dangerous chargers and adaptors that fail European safety standards are being sold on the internet and areas in the UK for just £5.

Of 21 chargers and adaptors it tested – all bought from UK sellers – 15 were unsafe, and seven were deemed so unsafe they posed a risk of electrocution.