The grieving husband of Samia Shahid has released pictures of her taking during her autopsy to prove she was murdered while visiting relatives in Pakistan.


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Pakistani authorities have already done a u-turn on the issue and launched a murder investigation after pressure from British MPs.

The shocking picture shows a 7.5 inch mark around her neck which her husband said proves she was strangled.

Her family has denied the accusations claiming she had died from a heart attack or asthma attack.

Also in the picture, which has been blurred, the beautician from Bradford had blood and saliva coming out from her nose and mouth which is another sign she was strangled to death.

Her husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam, said: ‘I am releasing this picture of my wife’s dead body because I want the world to know that she didn’t die of natural causes. She was murdered.’

‘The police told the media and everybody here that the body did not have any visible marks on it.

‘Well, this proves that it did. What sort of heart attack leaves a bruise like that? It is obviously murder.

‘Her family killed her because they weren’t happy that she had married me.’

The doctor who performed the autopsy described it as ‘horrible mark on the right side of the neck’ but police were quick to released a statement saying there was no “no visible injuries or signs of violence” which has led to Bradford MP, Naz Shah, claiming the police could be involved in a potential cover up.

Her father Mohammed Shahid and her first husband Mohammed Shakeel have both been arrested on suspicion of murder.