A Muslim woman was allegedly followed by two men on a motorbike on Friday as she drove home from work and was subjected to racial abuse.  The incident occurred in Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire.


The victim claims she seen one of the men with a gun in his hand and then heard a loud bang as the men sped away.

Police have determined that no shots were after a quick examination of the vehicle but another object including the butt of the gun could have been used to smash the window.

The woman was said to be visibly shaken by the incident but managed to get home safely and inform the authorities.

A family member of the woman told BAUK: ‘Earlier on today in Wath, two men on a motorbike were harassing my niece as she was on her way home from work.’

‘They were tailgating her and verbally abusing her (very aggressively), they continued to follow her until she was in a quieter area’

‘She saw one of the men with a gun in his hand as the bike came closer to her car .She heard a bang and felt the windows shatter, the bikers then sped away.’

‘We have determined with the police that no shots were fired as they have examined the car but what the bikers must have done is hit the window with the butt of the gun to make the impact it did.’

‘She is alive and well and that’s all that matters right now, Alhamdulillah.’

The family member also said South Yorkshire police are looking for two men in connection with the incident and are looking through CCTV footage to try and identify the bike which has been described by the victim as ‘black and red’.
Anyone with information on the incident can contact South Yorkshire police.