Heroes who helped catch a robber who mugged a woman at a bus stop praised by the community

Two young men have been praised by the local community for tackling a robber who mugged a nurse at a Sheffield bus stop.

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 Akeel Hussian, right, and Zeeshan Maughal, left | herosbusstop 
The young men held the robber (pictured) at the scene until police arrived | herosbusstop1 
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Akeel Hussain and Zeeshan Maughal were both driving down Barnsley Road, near the Northern General Hospital when they spotted the woman being mugged.

Disgusted with what they had witnessed, both men gave chase to the fleeing robber before catching him and bringing him back to the bus-stop to apologise to the tearful woman and give her phone back.

The pair then held the robber at the scene while the police arrived.

 Akeel, aged 17, who was a passenger in the car, said: “As we drove past the bus stop I saw a guy approach a woman who was waiting and steal a mobile phone out of her hand.

 “I looked at Zeeshan and said ‘he’s just mugged that woman’. I was really shocked and angry at what I had seen.”
Akeel said: “I ran up to him and said ‘look, that’s not your phone, you need to give it back’. He threw a punch at me, but missed, so we both pushed him up against the wall.”

Zeeshan, 20, added: “There’s been a lot of muggings in the area and everyone is on the look-out for it.

“When we saw this woman being robbed, there was no way we were going to stand back and let it happen. It’s just not right to behave like that.”

Akeel said: “This guy did apologise and hand the phone back. Another woman at the bus stop had called the police in this time, so we held him there until they showed up.

“We were speaking to the woman afterwards and it tuns out she was a nurse who had just finished her shift.”

Zeeshan said: “She was really happy to have her phone back and we were more than happy to help.”

The victim, Ana Santos, said to the pair: “Thank you so much for saving my day. It’s nice to know there are very good and kind people in the world.”

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