A high achieving grammar school student jumped to her death on the same day she received her A-level results because she failed to get into her first choice university, an inquest into her death has heard.


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Harpreet Kaur Hallaith, 18, attended Wolverhampton Girls’ High School and needed two A* grades and one A to get a place at Durham University to study Russian and history.

She was left disappointed and ‘stressed’ after she was told by email that her results, One A and two Bs, were good enough to get her into her second choice of Edinburgh university.


A few hours later she told her family that she was going for a walk around 2.30pm and she was reported missing when she did not return hours later.

Her body was found the following morning on August 19 at the bottom of a cliff at around 10.10am.

Police also found her belongings at the top of the cliff along with a note confirming an ‘intention to take her life’.

In the statement, social worker Mrs Hallaith said: ‘Harpreet seemed a bit stressed and low about her coursework and upcoming A-Levels.

‘On August 18 it was the day of Harpreet’s A-Level results and I took her to the school. When she got her results she achieved one A and two Bs.

‘Durham required two A*s and an A. Harpreet was understandably disappointed. She received an email from Edinburgh saying she had been accepted for the course.

‘Harpreet was upset at the results and we talked about it for a while and she was relieved to have been offered her second choice.

‘Harpreet decided to go to her room for a while, we all kept checking on her.

‘At around 2.30pm Harpreet said she was going out for a walk. She had only been gone a matter of 10 minutes when she returned.

‘She said she had forgotten her phone and she also need some change. After 15 minutes I heard her go again.

‘Later I decided to call her on her phone and it went to voicemail. As time went on I became more concerned where she was.

‘After a while it started to go straight to voicemail. Concerned, I contacted police to report her missing. Some of her belongings had been found in Bridgnorth.

‘Upon thinking about it I made the connection that she liked to go to the area. This was a spot she liked to visit to think about things.

‘The following day I made my way to Bridgnorth to help with the search. A police officer arrived at the car park, he informed me that a body had been found.

‘I can’t think what Harpreet was thinking that day but I can’t think she really intended to take her own life.’

PC David Ziola, from West Mercia Police, giving evidence at the inquest said: ‘Harpreet was a high achieving female who attended Wolverhampton Girls’ High School. She had recently received her A-Level results.

‘Police were called after Jamie Wood and Tom Vaughan located a black jacket, a mobile phone and a letter on the top of a cliff.

‘The letter indicated an intention to potentially take her own life. Searches were ongoing through the evening.

‘At 10.10am on October 19 a dog handler located a female body which matched Harpreet’s description. Officers could not find a pulse on the body.

‘The body was located at the bottom of the cliff face. There were graze marks visible on the limbs. At 1.12pm the body was pronounced dead by a doctor.

‘Harpreet had put herself under a lot of pressure to get good A-Level results. She confirmed to her best friend via text message that she was disappointed by her results.’

Senior Coroner for Shropshire John Ellery recorded a conclusion of suicide and said the medical cause of death was ‘multiple injuries’.

Mr Hallaith and a younger female relative attended the inquest but were too upset to speak afterwards.