A jealous husband who caught his wife with another man on a bus has been jailed today for launching a frenzied knife attack on the victim because he thought he was stealing her from him.


Mulazim Khan, 20, had thought that his wife, Sadia, was cheating on him with Aqil Waheed and launched a violent attack on him on the bus after confronting them.

On March 20, Mr Waheed, who had been best friends with Mrs Sadia prior to her marriage, contacted her and told her she should not put up with her husbands abuse and instructed her to meet him the following day so he can take her back home.

However, Mr Khan discovered his wife’s plan the next morning while looking through her computer.

She told him she was going to get something to eat at McDonald’s but Mr Khan who already knew of her plans followed her, he then saw her meet Mr Waheed and boarded the same bus as them.

He walked to the back of the bus where the pair were sitting and confronted them.

Prosecutor, Mr Haskell showed the CCTV footage from the bus in which Khan passed an earphone over to his wife so her mother from Pakistan could talk to her while he listened in from the other ear phone.


But Mrs Sadia’s mother told her she should do whatever she thought was right.

Khan was angered by this and pulled out a knife and lunged at Mr Waheed.

The two men then struggled as Mr Khan launched three blows at Mr Waheed, punchering his lungs, but the victim managed to to push Mr Khan back onto his seat and hold him there while Mrs Sadia tried to help.

A member of the public spotted the knife on the floor and managed to move it away from Mr Khan, who then ran away before the police could arrive but handed himself in to the police on March 29.

Mr Waheed, who suffered a punctured lung was released from hospital after two days.

Khan was initially charged with attempted murder but that was later reduced to wounding with intent.

Prosecutor Mr Haskell said Mr Waheed had been best friends with Sadia for many years prior to her marriage and warned her against marrying too quickly.

He also said “The defendant was especially jealous of Mr Waheed and appears to have convinced himself they were having an affair. In fact, Mrs Khan says, they were just friends and Mr Waheed is in fact gay.”

Defense barrister “He believed on the day of this incident that his wife and Mr Waheed were using him and that he had been a complete fool.

“He does not accept that he was ever controlling or violent towards her. It has to be said, however, that his approach to this relationship was extremely naive. He wanted to believe the best of her even when the facts pointed in the other direction.

“When he got on the bus he was hoping to persuade her not to go and to stay with him. When her mother did not support his appeal to her something in him snapped and the attack followed.”

Judge Michael Cullum told Khan “It is clear you have been a decent, honest, hard working, law abiding member of society. You had everything ahead of you, no doubt a decent career, hoping to graduate in law and then practice as a barrister.

“Your wife was going to seek sanctuary away from you. But you boarded that bus with a knife on you and you used it when your attempt to persuade her to come back to you had failed.”

Khan, who was studying to become a barrister, was jailed for five years four months after he admitted wounding Mr Waheed with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.