A millionaire businessman from New York who murdered a British Woman in a hotel room in Cardiff after meeting her on a Muslim dating website has been jailed for life.


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Evil Sammy Almahri, 45, was told he must serve at least 17 years for the cold-blooded killing of Nadine Aburas, 28, at the Future Inn hotel in Cardiff on New Years Eve 2014.

After the murder Almahri washed her body and dressed her, before putting her into the bed with a suicide note next to her to make it seem like she had killed herself.

Cardiff Crown Court heard that he became ‘besotted’ with Miss Aburas after they met and he showered her with expensive gifts, including a car.

The pair met two or three times in 2013 and she travelled to New York to see him in the summer of 2014 and upon her return she called police to say that she had been raped by Almahri in New York and claimed he had also attempted to strangle her – although the complaint was not pursued by her or the police.

Days before her murder Almahri sent her a message threatening her by saying he will post naked photos of her on Facebook after she told him she was seeing another man.

He also told her in the message: “F*** you, you will be so sorry, you will regret everything, he just want to f*** you, I will be in Cardiff soon, you will pay very bad, I will f*** you to hell, I hope you realise what you’re doing before I coming.”

Almahri arrived in the UK on December 27 and met Miss Aburas in London before travelling back to Cardiff with her the following day.

On December 30, Almahri was confronted by Miss Aburas’s brother after he learned of the threats over the naked photos.

He was told to leave Cardiff by her family but arranged to meet Miss Aburas one last time in a hotel room at the Future Inns hotel near her home.

It was there he drank a large quantity of alcohol and claims he had consensual sex with Miss Aburas before strangling her to death. He then washed her body and dressed her, before putting her into the bed with a suicide note placed next to her.

After killing Miss Aburas, Almahri placed a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the hotel room door before using the victim’s car to make his escape.

He boarded a flight to Qatar and eventually ended up in Tunisia.

From there he made several phone calls to the police suggesting Miss Aburas could not live without him and that she had taken her own life.

Almahri told police: “I am not a criminal. I don’t kill her, she asked me to help her, yes, I help her … she had a little scratch on her neck.”

An Interpol arrest warrant was issued and Almahri was eventually arrested in Tanzania earlier this year and returned to the UK to face trial.

He initially denied murder, but admitted to manslaughter claiming he was suffering from a mental disorder and only carried out the killing because the “voice of God” told him to.

But on the second day of his trial at Cardiff Crown Court he pleaded guilty to murder.

Sentencing Almahri, Mrs Justice Nicola Davies said: “It is the Crown’s case that between August and December 2014 you were acting in an increasingly jealous, possessive and threatening manner towards Nadine, particularly in the texts and electronic messages you were sending her.

“You were said to be effectively blackmailing Nadine with the photographs in your possession.

“Only you know what took place in the bedroom which led to the murder of Nadine. On the account you gave psychiatrists the two of you had consensual sex.

“It is likely that you were jealous and possessive in your relationship with Nadine. In my view, the evidence demonstrates a relationship in which you demonstrated both jealously and possessiveness of Nadine.

“The threats which you made to her to release the pictures to family and friends would have been deeply distressing.

“I am satisfied that your killing of Nadine was prompted by jealously and anger.

“In taking the life of this 28-year-old woman you have deprived her family of a beautiful and loving daughter, sister and aunt. Your actions will impact upon Nadine’s family for the rest of their lives. Their loss is immeasurable.”