Police have launched an investigation after a tram passenger hurled racist abuse at two young women wearing headscarves, telling them “I’m going to set you on fire”.


The video (below) was recorded by a witness on a Metrolink service which was travelling from Piccadilly Gardens on Monday.

The racist man can be heard saying: “I am going to set you on fire. I’m from Salford me. Bring another immigrant into our town I will roast you. I will set you on fire.

“Bring another immigrant to Salford, I will set you on fire.”

The two girls who were the target of the racist abuse are thought to be aged between 18 and 21.

During the racist tirade the male who was recording the footage stood up to confront the man but was also racially abused and called a ‘P*** b******.’

He told the Manchester Evening News: “Two Muslim girls were wearing headscarves. A white male who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol was threatening to burn them and saying get out of Manchester.

“He started calling me a P**i b*****d. He didn’t know I was filming. I am a Pakistani Muslim.”

He continued: “I was quite disgusted, to be honest. Everyone around was just silent, that made it even worse. There was one other white male who did tell him to calm down. I think it wasn’t because they were agreeing with him but that they felt threatened.

“It is disgusting for it to happen in a diverse city like Manchester. It needs to be stopped, people think it is okay to get onto the tram and do it.”

Greater Manchester Police confirmed they received the footage and are treating it as a hate crime.

A GMP spokesman said: “Police received a report of a hate incident in relation to what happened on the Metrolink at Piccadilly Gardens on November 28. Enquiries are ongoing.”

No arrests have been made at this stage.

Credit: Manchester Evening News