An Imam of the Queens Cross mosque Mosque, Dudley, who has been convicted of carrying out sex attacks on two young girls who attended the Mosque for studies, has fled the UK using a fake passport.


Hafiz Rahman, a father of seven with ten grandchildren, was convicted at Wolverhampton Crown Court in his absence by a jury on five specimen charges of indecent assault.

During the trial two of his victim’s described being touched sexually by the Imam when they attended for religious studies.

Judge Nicholas Cartwright was told that Rahman had left the UK for Bangladesh just 24 hours before he was due in court.

The court had initially been told that Rahman was too ill to attend.

The judge said: “I can only infer he decided to avoid sentence for these sexual assaults and he has no intention of returning voluntarily.”

Rahman, who had surrendered his own passport to his solicitors as part of bail conditions, will now be sentenced in his absence on November 3.

The judge has also said there was a possibillity that Rahman left behind assets in the UK and a full investigation would have to take place to determine which of his assets could be siezes.

DC Liz Skype from the West Midlands Police public protection unit told the court that visits had been made to Rahman’s house a day prior to him attending court and they were assured that he would attend.

Later on the same day Rahman’s son informed police that his father had gone missing.

Tariq Shakoor, defending Rahman, called for an investigation into how he was able to leave the country without his own passport.