An imam who raped a young boy and was secretly banished to India by his elders has finally been jailed after he was found back in the UK at an address in Leicester after his young victim broke his silence and told detectives.


He raped the young boy in a toilet in between a lesson he was giving at Rugby Mosque, Warwickshire.

It was mentioned in court that when Noor Walile, 38, was confronted about the attack after the child told his parents he said: ‘The devil made me do it’.

The ‘elders’ then made the decision to banish Walile back home to India and warned him if he returned to the UK the police would be told os his crime.

Years later the young boy finally broke his silence and told detectives and Walile was tracked to an address in Leicester.

In Warwick Crown Court when the charge was put to him, Walile broke down in tears saying: ‘I am guilty. So sorry, I am guilty.’

When the young boys family found out about the crime they contacted an ‘elder’ who advised them to save the clothes the boy had been wearing and not to wash them.

The ‘elder’ and the family then confronted Walile and he eventually admitted he had done something ‘very bad’.

He was then told to go back to India or the matter would be reported to the police.

Prosecutor Jane Sarginson said: ‘Initially Walile denied the allegations, but then said he had done something ‘very bad’ but he could not remember what happened only that the devil had come over him.

‘He was told he would have to go back to India and never return, or the matter would be reported to the police – and that is what the family understood had happened.’

After the young boy finally broke his silence earlier this year, officers tracked down Walile and during the interview he denied the accusation until he was told that the family had kept the clothing.

During the interview, Walile said: ‘I have told lies during this interview. I am sorry, I did a bad thing. The devil came over me, and I did this bad act.’

Jailing Walile, Judge Stephen Eyre said: ‘The members of your community entrusted their young children to you for guidance and education.

‘You were in a position of responsibility and leadership at the mosque. You abused that position and that trust, and defiled the faith you were paid to uphold.

‘He was a young boy entrusted to your care for guidance, and you raped him. It is hard to think of any greater abuse of the trust that had been placed in you.

‘If you had not pleaded guilty, the sentence would have been one of nine years.’

He was jailed for six years after he pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court.