An inquest into the deaths of best friends  Tosief Ahmed, 21, and Asad Majeed, 22, has heard how the driver may have fell asleep at the wheel causing the crash.


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But Sohail Majeed, Asad’s older brother, has said he feels that the investigation carried out after the crash was ‘relaxed’ and the family were only told what ‘most likely’ happened, but were not told anything with a certainty due to a lack of witnesses or evidence.

Tosief Ahmed, and Asad Majeed were pronounced dead at the scene after the horrific crash on August 30, last year.

The best friends had been travelling back from Scotland to their home in Bradford after visiting a friend in Glasgow when the crash happened.

The inquest which happened this week heard that the Mercedes C220 they were travelling in failed to take a corner on the motorway and instead went straight on, hitting a barrier and then ‘leaving the ground’ before smashing into a bridge.

Officers investigating the crash found no brake marks on the scene that would give the impression the driver had reacted or tried to hit the brakes.

The tracker on the vehicle last recorded the speed of the car at 91.7mph but it is not clear if that was the speed of the vehicle when it crashed.

The uncle of Tosief, Safeer Ahmed, paid tribute to his nephew at the inquest saying he was a ‘perfectly happy, normal individual’ who worked hard as a chef and that his nephew and Asad Majeed were ‘tied at the hip’.

It was also mentioned at the inquest that Tosief was married to a student living in Pakistan and was looking forward to the next chapter of his life when his wife came over.

Assistant Coroner for Manchester North Nick Flanagan said that both men sustained multiple fractures and internal injuries and as a result had died almost instantly.

He went on to say that although cannabis use had been found in Tosief’s system, there was nothing to suggest it had any affect on him or his driving.

Both deaths were recorded as being due to a Road Traffic Collision.

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Ahmed added: “These were two lads who had bright futures ahead of them. They were loved by so many people and will be greatly missed.”