A 57-year-old self-proclaimed impressionist created a public storm with his performance on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent and has been labelled the ‘worst impressionist in the show’s 11-year history’ by Simon Cowell.

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Irshad Shaikh, a granddad from Ilford never told his family and friends that he will be on the hit show earlier this month (video below).

Mr Shaikh thought it would be a good idea to hit the stage because he is always making ‘funny noises.’

He got off to a wobbly start when all four judges hit the red buzzer after Mr Shaikh’s terrible impersonations of Sylvester Stallone, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

Judge David Williams told him ‘they were the least accurate impressions I have ever heard’ but urged him to continue which ultimately led the audience in stitches as Simon Cowell sat there in disbelief.

Simon Cowell later stated Irshad was the worst impressionist in the show’s 11-year history.

But Mr Irshad remains optimistic and said: “I’m known in the family for making funny noises, and so I woke up one day and thought ‘why not go for an audition on BGT’?”

“I thought it’d be a great laugh from my daily routine as a salesman.

“When all the red buzzers went off I was perfectly fine, it did not affect me at all  – it actually gave me more energy to perform better.”

“No one had seen my act apart from me and the mirror, so I suppose you could call it a ‘world exclusive’ when I went on stage and did my audition.

“Even my wife wasn’t in the know. Afterwards she told me how horrified she was when she saw me on television.

“The general reaction is shock and horror from my friends and family – but I love it all!”

“I have been branded the world’s worst impressionist and have created history by being first act to get four red buzzers and still get through to the next round. Maybe I will have to perform more ‘worst impersonations’ to keep up this reputation.

“I may have to get a good agent to promote me for further work, if you know any good promoting agents please let me know.”

Watch the video below and leave a comment on the Facebook post to let Mr Irshad, who is keeping an eye on the post, know if he should give up or try again..